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Customer Review 4.7/5

My glass was broken when it arrived and I refused to accept it.

We apologise for the inconvenience and will try to get a new panel to you very quickly.

You did the right thing in checking and refusing to accept the package. The transport company will certainly have informed us already and it’s possible that your replacement is already being prepared. If you want to make sure, don’t hesitate to send us your name and order number using the contact form.

My glass was broken when it arrived and I had accepted it.

Ouch, you accepted the package….It really is essential to check at the time of delivery because if a package is accepted from the transport company with no comments it is considered to have been delivered in good condition. However, if you can send us a clear photo of the broken panel in its packaging, ideally unwrapped as little as possible, we can confirm that it was broken “in transit” and send you a new panel.

My glass panel was despatched more than three days ago but it still hasn’t been delivered

We’re very sorry for this delay. Have you checked your “My account” space to see the delivery situation? You have the option of contacting our transport company by email or telephone to start a complaint procedure or we can contact them about the issue. In order for us to do this please let us know your name, order number and the nature of the problem using the contact form.

My glass was delivered straight to a Pick-Up point without my agreement

In the event that you are not there when they come to deliver, the transport companies have an obligation to leave your package at the nearest Pick-Up point.

Unfortunately a situation does occasionally arise where the package is delivered straight to the Pick-Up point without the driver calling at your address first. The package can’t be recovered by the transport company, so unfortunately the only solution is for you to go and pick it up yourself.

We do apologise for the inconvenience and share your annoyance, and we would ask you to send us your name and order number using the contact form so that we can take the issue up with the transport company.

My package has been delivered but I haven’t received anything

We’re sorry to hear this. Have you checked with your family and neighbours?

If you wish, we ‘ll contact the transport company and ask for proof of delivery. To enable us to do this, please send us your name/s and order number using the contact form.