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bien choisir son jointThe seals on the door of your wood-burner or fireplace insert are essential if it is to function properly. They need to be replaced regularly.

What kind of seal?

The door seal: this creates an airtight seal between the door and the body of the device, and usually sits in a groove.

Unless your device is one of the exceptions specified below, you will need a round braided seal whose diameter is the same as the width of the groove. Place a small amount of adhesive at the bottom of the groove, not on the glass, and allow to dry for 2 to 3 hours before beginning to heat the device.

The glass panel seal: this is the one found around the edges of the interior side of the glass, between the door and the panel.

If there is a flat edging behind the glass panel of your stove or fireplace insert you will need a flat self-adhesive seal which you stick on to this flat edging or directly on to the glass. In most cases this is a 10 x 2mm seal, i.e. 10mm wide and 2mm thick, which is a standard size used by many stove manufacturers.

Buy a self-adhesive flat seal

If the seal sits in a groove you will need a round braided seal (other than for the exceptions specified below). You install it in exactly the same way as for the door seal.

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Exceptions for certain makes

The Supra/Richard Le Droff brands have specific seals whose reference codes are shown in the instructions for your device. Enter the reference code in the search field above and you will find the right seal.

Some models of Supra and Richard le Droff brands use rectangular section seals which fit into a groove. Again, check the reference code in the instructions for your device and use it to do a search.