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Customer Review 4.7/5

My panel broke after I installed it or after I started to heat my device.  

Although vitro-ceramic glass can withstand very high temperatures it is nevertheless a fragile material that can break if it is subjected to stress by another component or if it has suffered an impact.

Please send us your name and order number using the contact form together with a photo of the panel in the door of your device, so that we can gain a better understanding of what caused it to break and prevent it happening again.  

Important: the photo needs to show the entire glass panel together with the interior side of the door frame and must be as clear as possible. Otherwise we won’t be able to deal with your request.  

My glass panel is blackening even though it has the self-cleaning treatment

It’s true that in certain conditions the treatment is less effective: for example if the device is being used at low power (the treatment reacts with the heat in the combustion chamber), of if the wood is not suitable (damp or softwoods) or if there is poor air circulation in the combustion chamber (which can be for several reasons – deposits on the chimney conduit or worn or unsuitable seals).

A little tip: if you have a seal at the top of the glass panel it can be removed. This will allow air to circulate along the length of the panel, which should reduce the deposits of soot.

We would also advise you to increase the temperature inside the combustion chamber so that the soot deposits come off by themselves.

If your window continues to blacken despite all these precautions please send us your name and order number using the contact form, together with a photo of your panel (the whole panel, from the interior side).