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Some advice to help you replace the glass panel of your wood-burner or fireplace insert yourself.

Your glass panel has broken? Follow these steps in order to replace it without dismantling the door:

1 – Ordering your panel on our website

Make a note of the make and model of your device – it may be one of the many that are listed on our site.

If you don’t have the details of your device, measure the old panel and order a new one to measure.

In order to take the measurements correctly:

- Use a proper DIY tape measure and not one for sewing or a fold-out ruler.

- hold the tape measure taut from one edge of the panel to the other

If your glass panel is broken:

- Measure the dimensions of the metal frame of the glass panel

- subtract 5mm from the height and the width

Click here to order your cut-to-measure glass panel : Glass to measure

There will be several measurements to take, depending on the shape of your panel. For kiln-formed glass the measurements must be taken on the outside of the glass panel.

Curved glass panels


2-sided folded panels

Mesures des vitres pliées à 2 pans

3-sided folded panels – known as prismatic

Mesures des vitres pliées prismatiques à 3 pans

2 – Removing the old panel

- Wear gloves to handle glass

- Remove the fixing screws holding the panel in place. If the screws are damaged, you can order new ones by clicking here

- Scrape any traces of glue and sealant off the frame of the panel. The edge needs to be quite clean before you install a new seal so that the panel will be as airtight as possible.

3 – Replacing the seal for the glass panel

- Order your seal on our website

- Select a flat seal if the glass sits on a flat edging. In most cases you will need a 10 x 2 mm seal.


- Select a round seal if there is a groove in the frame of the panel. Measure the width of the groove to work out what diameter seal you need to order.

- Install the new seal in place of the old one. Glue the seal into place using the appropriate heat resistant adhesive. A small amount of adhesive should be applied to the frame, not to the glass panel.
However, if you have bought a self-adhesive flat seal it can be stuck directly on to the glass.

- Leave the seal to dry for 2-3 hours before installing the glass. The door should be closed while the seal is drying.

4 – Installing the new glass panel

- CAREFULLY place the new glass in position.

- Put the screws back in place to secure the glass in its frame. Do not over-tighten the screws, there needs to be room for the metal parts of the door to expand when they get hot.

We advise against using heatproof fillers directly on the glass panel.

Now you have replaced your glass panel you can enjoy using your wood-burner or fireplace insert again.

You can also dismantle the door of your wood-burner in order to replace the glass panel.